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A White Weenie Deck

About this deck in general

This a deck I lately build, but before you take a look at it or even try to build it, let me say some words about some general principles of all my decks.

Most important I don't play tournaments. Therefore my decks aren't meant to be effective in combat play nor to fit into any standard tournament rules. I usually play with some friends of mine, and our main construction rule is, that you are not allowed to have more than four cards of the same kind in your deck, except basic lands, of course.
Anyhow, here's the deck:


21 Plains


3 Infantry Veteran (Visions)
3 Tundra Wolves
2 Mesa Pegasus
2 Mtenda Herder (Visions)
2 Icatian Javelineers (Fallen Empires)
2 Icatian Infantry (Fallen Empires)
2 Savannah Lions
1 Resistance Fighter (Visions)
1 Kjeldoran Warrior (Ice Age)
1 Death Speakers (Homelands)
1 Benalish Hero
1 Icatian Priest
1 White Knight
1 Serra Angel


2 Holy Strength
1 Crusade
1 CoP: Red
1 Land Tax


4 Disenchant
4 Swords to Plowshares
2 Shield Wall
2 Healing Salve
1 Warrior's honor (Visions)
1 Rally (Ice Age)
1 Righteousness

How it works

This one should be fun to play: on one hand you have lots of cheap creatures, more than 90% of them only cost one mana, but although one might think, fighting with lots of creatures would take the fun out of the game as it all becomes very predictable, the instants try to avoid this by adding some portion of surprise.
You won't believe how baffled your opponent is when attacking with his Craw Giant and being blocked by a Hero who survives the combat while the Giant takes his way to the graveyard.

Single cards