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Friday, November 9th, 2007

The G is for "Great"

As an IT guy I come across various programs all the time, usually interactive ones. Since the lucky departion of MS-DOS and since command line tools belong into the hands of those who know how to handle them, software can nowadays be considered to have a Graphical User Interface, or GUI.

Now, GUIs come in all kinds of ways, and even though they have improved a great deal since the days of Windows 3.1 and 95, there still are a number of programs that make me go "What?".

This blog is dedicated to Great User Interfaces - by showing examples, commenting on them and point out, what's great and what's not.

The inspiration to this blog came through the Interface Hall of Shame, a great collection of really bad examples for UI design. The IHoS was created by Brian C. Hayes of Isys Information Architects, but their webpage was not updated since June 2000 and was later abandonded and taken over by some other company. Therefore, I created a mirror of the Interface Hall of Shame (which is the one I linked to above) and will expand from there on.

The plans for this is to have a new post at least every month, more would be great. Please stay tuned, and remember: The G in GUI is for "Great".