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General Description

User Characteristics

All users:

May manually override the system.

View mode users

Can make no changes to the system.

May query the database and generate reports based on such things as past or projected water usage, weather histories, or weather predictions.

Expected to have basic computer operating knowledge. They should be able to perform simple tasks like opening files, turning on and off the computer, window manipulations such as resizing, opening, and closing windows.

Schedule mode users

Can make only scheduling changes.

Schedule mode users are a superset of view mode users with all of the view mode privileges in addition to the ability to alter all water schedules.

Setup mode users

Can change any part of the system.

Setup mode users are a superset of schedule mode users with all of the schedule mode privileges in addition to the ability to alter any part of the system. These users may include:

Physical hardware Installers:

Expected to be knowledgeable concerning installation of physical hardware and the electronic hardware components that interface physical hardware to electronic hardware, such as connecting a wire to an electronically controlled valve.

Software and electronic hardware installers:

Need to be knowledgeable in the installation of software, hardware, and configuration of operating systems.

Must be familiar with the configuration of the Lazy Grounds KeeperÔ system including: how to input physical hardware information into the system, how to populate the weather database, and how to set up logical zones (which can later be changed by the grounds keeper).

Power users

Must understand how to create and remove logical zones from the system.

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