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General Description

Product Perspective

The Lazy Grounds Keeper system is a software package that automates nearly every aspect of watering a golf course. The Lazy Grounds Keeper software package can be installed to function with nearly all pre-existing sprinkler systems. For new golf courses or for those that do not already have the necessary hardware, Saarbrücken International will install a quality sprinkler system in conjunction with the Lazy Grounds Keeper software package. A weather sensor is a requirement. If a previous installation lacks a weather sensor, Saarbrücken International will provide its patented Lazy Weatherman weather sensor. This weather sensor has been designed to get the most out of the Lazy Grounds Keeper system.

Product Features:

Automatic valve and pump control with the ability to override the system manually if desired.

Three levels of system control for three different user types. These three levels are known as modes and they are: view mode, schedule mode, and setup mode.

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