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Specific Requirements:

System Modes

View Mode

View mode is one of the basic levels of functionality of the system. It provides an interface from which the user can monitor the system, perform database queries, or generate reports based on these queries. From this mode the user can see all zone groupings and the associated schedules of each, but in this mode the user is not allowed to change any zone groupings or scheduling information.

The following database queries and report generations must be made available (all measurements are expected to be averages):

The view mode module will display input from a combination of sensors that have been installed. These must include pump status, main valve status, section valve status, line status, flow monitors, sprinkler head status (if available), moisture sensors (if available), and weather sensor information. The implementation and interaction of these sensors will be in part governed by the specific installation.

The system will take the input from these different sensors and display their values on the view mode map. The system will expect the following state information from the sensors to be displayed on the map:

The view mode map will consist of a scanned image or drawing of the area the irrigation system covers overlayed onto a computer generated mapping of the system. This will act as a scale reference to display the activities mentioned above.

View mode has two submodes: current and history

In current mode the software system will show the current state of the inputs in a graphical form on top of the background. The system will display water flow through the lines and the state of the pumps, valves, and sprinkler heads. If moisture sensors have been installed the system will display the amount of water in the soil. The system will be able to show the amount of water delivered within a specified time. The system will use different colors to show the different levels of water or moisture.

In history mode the system will display in a graphical form the specified data retrieved from the database for a user query. This could be, for example, the amount of water delivered during a specified time and date, or the moisture level for that date. The system will use different colors to show the different levels of water or moisture.

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