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Principles of good GUI Design - James Hobart

While our Interface Hall of Shame illustrates out how not to design an application, our approach to how applications should be designed might be overly subtle for some visitors. James Hobart's article takes a more conventional approach by describing the principles of GUI design. The article is a valuable resource.

The National Center for Accessible Media

The Web Access Project researches, develops and tests methods of integrating access technologies (such as captioning and audio description) and new Web tools into a World Wide Web site, making it fully accessible to blind or deaf Internet users.

Macintosh Interface Guidelines

Despite the proprietary nature of the title, this resource has a great deal to offer designers and developers of all applications, regardless of the target operating system.

Color Contrast and Partial Sight

Color sensitivty affects a much wider population than the 6-8% of males that Perception textbooks typically identify as congenitally color-deficient. This article provides some startling information on the breadth of the problem, and also provides a very informative discussion of designing with color.

The Windows 95 User Interface: A Case Study in Usability Engineering

Sources describing Microsoft's usability testing of the Windows 95 user interface are very difficult to locate. This article is the most frequently cited source, and while it does describe the testing process, it is lacking in data and conclusions. There were however several findings that we found interesting, especially since they were apparently not corrected:

The L.U.C.I.D. Computing Movement

In their own words:

"The L.U.C.I.D. Computing Movement has been formed to fight for software usability. The word lucid means 'clear' and 'easy-to-understand.' Our goal is to humanize the design of software. In doing so we will save industry billions of dollars, we will create new markets for computer products and increase our well-being."

Quinn's Human Interface Subtleties Page

An interesting discussion of several subtle interface features found in Macintosh software.

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