Interface Hall of Shame

Mirror Note by Ronald Bieber

The Interface Hall of Shame used to be hosted at starting some time around 1996. However, after June 2000 no new content was published and later the site altogether vanished, being reoccupied by a seemingly new owner with different content.

Therefore, I provide this information here as a mirror of the deceased site. The content was re-established with the help of the Internet Archive and the "Save with images"-function provided by the Opera-Browser (the best such function in any browser I know off).

The copyright statement in the IHoS states that no part may be reproduced without permission - but as there is no active homepage anymore and Isys' chairman Brian C. Hayes did not resurface somewhere else on the web to be contacted, I don't see any way to obtain such permission. If anyone knows how to contact Brian, please drop me a line.

While creating the mirror I made a number of changes to the pages:

Otherwise, the content is pretty much unchanged. However, I plan to change this by adding additional information and improving the structure. When content is added, it will be clearly visible, what came from Isys and what is my addition. Stay tuned.

Ronald Bieber, November-8 2007