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Specific Requirements:

Weather Input System


The weather-input system is composed of physical sensors located at strategic locations and a central weather station that detect precipitation, temperature and wind speed. These inputs are used to compute the ET (evapotranspiration.) ET gives a constant for the amount of watering for the entire course. Also, in the case of extreme conditions, such as high winds, the weather-input system can shut off zones by sending a manual override signal.



Input from the database will be a daily average from previous years of temperature and precipitation.


ET (Evapotranspiration)is the combined effect of water used by the plant(s) and that which is lost to evaporation. ET is calculated from data from the database for the last week, previous year and the current conditions from the weather station. Updated on an hourly base. One week's list of ET is stored in the database.

Daily Averages for the database should be calculated to update the database.


ET: Sent to the scheduler/control system

Daily Average: Sent to database

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