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Central weather station
An external module to measure several type of weather data such as temperature, rain, etc. The Lazy Weatherman(tm) module is a central weather station.
Electronic hardware
Any device or wiring used to transfer information to and from the computer, switches, and the computer itself.
ET, Evapotranspiration
The combined effect of water used by the plant and that which is lost to evaporation. Expressed in inches or millimeters per week.
Grounds keeper
Any person who is involved in the process of watering the course and therefore needs to work with the system
Logical zone
(a.k.a named zone) A grouping of logical and/or physical zones.
Modes correspond to different levels of system control. There are three modes available in our system: view mode, schedule mode, and setup mode.
Named zone
See logical zone
Relay Control
The external hardware device that is connected to the system via an RS232 port and that contains the connections to all physical devices such as valves, pumps, sprinklers and other modules.
Rest state
The state all devices will turn in case of a system breakdown. See External Interfaces for details.
Physical hardware
Any device such as pipes, pumps and sprinklers used to physically control or transfer water anywhere from the water source to the area being watered. Does not include any electronic hardware used in the transfer of data to and from the computer.
Physical zone
A valve and the sprinklers attached to it by a physical pipe. A single sprinkler with a valve is a physical zone
A hardware device that distributes water delivered by pipe on a certain area of open ground. Sprinklers can either operate whenever there is a certain pressure on the pipe to which it is connected or it can be controlled electrically
Lazy Grounds Keeper requires all valves connected to the system to be controllable via electric signals